Member Groups

MaineShare started over 30 years ago with nine (9) founding member organizations. Today, our network has grown to over forty (40) Maine organizations working every day to make Maine a more just and equitable place.







These members promote sound economic policies, provide funding to those who can’t access traditional funding, and educate residents so they can participate well in the economy.

GENESIS COMMUNITY LOAN FUND Brings together resources to create housing and other economic and social opportunities for underserved people and communities throughout Maine and beyond.

MAINE CENTER FOR ECONOMIC POLICY Advances public policies for a fair and sustainable economy, vital communities and healthy environment.

MAINE EQUAL JUSTICE Finding solutions to poverty and improving the lives of Maine people with low income.

MAINE WOMEN’S LOBBY EDUCATION FUND Creating public policy solutions to improve the lives of Maine women and girls.

PROSPERITYME Empowers, through education and counseling, members of refugee and immigrant communities to invest in themselves to build financial stability, careers, businesses and wealth.

NEW VENTURES MAINE Helping Maine people succeed in the changing economy and achieve economic security for themselves and their families.


These Member Groups work to ensure Maine’s air, water, soil, wildlife and habitats are thriving and protected.

FRIENDS OF CASCO BAY Committed to improving and protecting the environmental health of Casco Bay.

MAINE AUDUBON Conserving Maine’s wildlife and wildlife habitat by engaging people of all ages in education, citizen science, stewardship, and advocacy.

MAINE FARMLAND TRUST Protects farmland, supports farmers, and advances farming.

MAINE ORGANIC FARMERS & GARDENERS ASSOCIATION Creating a food system that is healthy and fair for all of us through education, training and advocacy.

MAINE RESOURCE RECOVERY ASSOCIATION Helping Maine communities and businesses implement environmentally sound and economically sustainable recycling and solid-waste management systems.

NATURAL RESOURCES COUNCIL OF MAINE Protecting, restoring, and conserving Maine’s environment, now and for future generations.

SIERRA CLUB FOUNDATION, MAINE CHAPTER Exploring, protecting and enjoying Maine’s natural resources.

VILES ARBORETUM A hub for environmental education and recreation through 224 acres of stunning botanical gardens, a full service Visitor Center, and an array of place-based programs and events.


These Member Groups work for affordable and appropriate access to health care, safer work and play environments, and address the human rights of people to live safely and to die with dignity.

BICYCLE COALITION OF MAINE Works to make Maine a better and safer place to bike, walk, and roll.

CONSUMERS FOR AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE FOUNDATION Advocating the right to quality, affordable health care for all Maine people.

DEFEND OUR HEALTH Works to create a world where all people are healthy and thriving, with equal access to safe food and drinking water, and products that are toxic-free and climate-friendly.

MAINE ACCESS IMMIGRANT NETWORK Bridges access to health and social services for immigrants in Portland.

MAINE COALITION AGAINST SEXUAL ASSAULT Leading the way toward ending sexual violence in Maine by ensuring high quality sexual violence prevention and response in Maine communities.

MAINE COALITION TO END DOMESTIC VIOLENCE Seeks to create and encourage a social, political, and economic environment that fosters communities where domestic abuse and violence no longer exist.

MAINE HOSPICE COUNCIL Promotes access to quality end-of-life care for all people.

MAINE LABOR GROUP ON HEALTH Trains workers, management, and community groups on health and safety issues and practices.


These Member Groups educate all of Maine on the dignity of every human being and the rich diversity of the cultures that call Maine home.  They promote the lessons of history, the arts, and improve education for all.

HARDY G*RLS HEALTHY WOM*N Puts the power in girls’ hands to challenge a society that ignores their brilliance.

HOLOCAUST AND HUMAN RIGHTS CENTER OF MAINE Provides free educational outreach, original programming, and rotating exhibitions encouraging individuals and communities to reflect and act when combating prejudice and discrimination.

MAINE ALLIANCE FOR ARTS EDUCATION Promotes and strengthens arts education for all Maine students.

MANO EN MANO Ensuring that immigrants and migrant farmworkers in Maine are heard, celebrated and thriving in their communities, as determined by community members themselves.

WERU Community Radio serving Maine over the airwaves and Internet.


These Member Groups fund, organize and advocate for a more democratic and civil society, better protections against discrimination, peace here and around the world, humane public policy toward animals, and more inclusive policies for minorities.

MAINE PEOPLE’S RESOURCE CENTER Empowering and organizing everyday people to win economic, environmental, political, and social justice.

EQUALITYMAINE FOUNDATION  Protecting and advancing full equality for all LGBT and queer Mainers by creating an inclusive and intersectional movement through political action, community building, education, engagement and collaboration.

DISABILITY RIGHTS MAINE Provides advocacy and legal representation for individuals with disabilities.

MAINE ANIMAL COALITION Dedicated to the elimination of animal abuse and exploitation through education, advocacy, and example.

MAINE CITIZENS FOR CLEAN ELECTIONS Works to reduce the influence of money in elections and government so we may truly have “government of, by, and for the people.”

MAINE VETERANS FOR PEACE Sharing what we have learned about the human costs of war.

MAINE COUNCIL OF CHURCHES Seeking common ground, working for the common good.

MAINE FEDERATION OF HUMANE SOCIETIES Statewide network of animal welfare organizations supporting animal shelters and improving the lives of animals.

MAINE PEACE FUND Empowering grassroots voices for peaceful priorities — locally, nationally, worldwide.

RESOURCES FOR ORGANIZING AND SOCIAL CHANGE Promoting community organizing, education, and action for nonviolent social change in Maine.

SOUTHERN MAINE WORKERS’ CENTER Creating grassroots movements organizing for human rights to health care and work with dignity.


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