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Workplace Giving 

Workplace Giving provides opportunities for employees to Care Local, investing charitably in their communities through easy payroll deductions. Starting or expanding your workplace-giving program is easy, and it gives your employees more choices.


Meet our current workplaces offering 30,000+ employees the opportunity to invest charitably in their communities through easy payroll deductions.

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Everything you ever wanted to know about Workplace Giving whether you are an employee or a workplace. 

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Workforces who feel engaged in their communities through volunteerism and workplace giving are happier and more productive. Join us!

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Q. My workplace doesn’t offer MaineShare as a giving option. How can I participate?

A. You have two options. 1: You can make an introduction to your company’s leadership to MaineShare. We would be happy to talk about introducing MaineShare into your company’s employee giving program. 2: You can give to MaineShare directly online with a monthly recurring donation that will function similarly to the automatic payroll deduction. You determine how much and how you would like to designate your donation.

Q. Why should I give through MaineShare instead of directly to your Member Groups?

A. We do not want to discourage you from giving to organizations directly. Paycheck contribution is simply another way for you to support your community.

Here’s why MaineShare and MaineShare’s Member Groups support workplace giving:

Effectiveness: Donations through workplace giving enable MaineShare’s Member Groups to spend less time fundraising (and spreading the word about their work) and more time working to prevent and solve Maine’s most pressing issues.

Efficiency: Raising funds through payroll deductions is many times less expensive than direct mail or effective email or social media campaigns. With lower fundraising and awareness-raising costs, more money can go directly to programs and services.

Convenience: Once a year, donors decide which issues are most important to them. They choose how to designate their payroll deductions and the employer processes the donations throughout the year.

Consistency: Funds raised through payroll deduction help our groups plan for the future. After workplaces have concluded their giving campaigns, MaineShare lets their Member Groups know approximately how much they can count on for the coming year. This provides a rare degree of certainty to nonprofit managers as they budget to meet their missions.

Accountability: MaineShare Member Groups are screened each year and held to strict accountability standards.

By contributing to MaineShare through your workplace, you support this collective fundraising concept. Thank you!

Q. How do charities qualify for MaineShare funding?

A. MaineShare member charities must comply with a number of accountability requirements. They must provide programs and services to the community and show that they have a demonstrated base of support and community involvement. Funded charities must be at least two years old; be recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization; submit annual financial information, including the IRS 990 and, if applicable, audits; be registered and file annually with the Maine Attorney General’s Office and be governed by a volunteer board of directors.

Q. What if our employees don’t like some of your charities?

A. MaineShare is a diverse community of member charities. Not everyone is going to personally support all the causes represented by any given umbrella organization. This is why we offer and emphasize that donors can chose which organization(s) they specifically wish to support through their payroll contribution or donors can choose to support all charities. We highly encourage employee donors to choose the causes they care about most.

Q. Won’t adding a MaineShare campaign take away funding from other federations we support?

Studies show that employers who offer choices in workplace giving see an increase in employee participation and total dollars raised.

The more your colleagues know about workplace giving, the more they will give to all nonprofits, not just to MaineShare’s nonprofits.

Q. What is your administrative fee?

A. The percentage of workplace donations retained by MaineShare is currently 15%. This amount is determined by the MaineShare Board of Directors and this fee supports not only the administration of workplace giving, but the work of raising awareness of the important work their members do. MaineShare also works to build a learning network so that our members can learn valuable skills and lessons from each other. We encourage you to call or visit MaineShare, or any of their member charities, if you have questions or concerns about administrative fees.

Q. Are my donations tax deductible?

A. Yes, all donations through paycheck contribution are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. MaineShare and all of its members MUST be tax exempt 501(c)(3) organizations.

Q. Is there a minimum donation amount? How much can I give per paycheck?

A. The minimum donation is $2 per pay period. The average annual deduction for employees supporting MaineShare is $183. Since 1989, MaineShare has raised over $6,000,000 in support of our Member Groups. Most of this revenue has come from thousands of employees, donating small amounts per pay period. It indeed makes a difference!



Companies need strong communities to succeed.

Show you value the health and welfare of your neighbors by investing in vital and vibrant communities. Business of all sizes benefit from building strong communities.

Employee Engagement boosts employee retention.

MaineShare offers a range of employee engagement opportunities to consider. Employees are proud to work for companies that care about what they value in the community. Adding new opportunities for your employees:

  • Will increase employee participation and reflect your value of a diverse and inclusive workforce.
  • Helps meet consumer demand for increased Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Provides a single point of contact between your business and over 40 statewide nonprofits working everyday for the people and environment of Maine.
  • It’s good for business. Conducting a MaineShare campaign is an excellent way to demonstrate your company’s commitment to the health and future of our community.

Workplace Giving

Offering workplace giving does not require a cash investment from your company.

Your ongoing work to support the Maine community as you provide your employees with choices for giving throughout the year shows that you value the health and welfare of your employees and neighbors. By offering the opportunity to support and participate in a shared vision for vital and vibrant communities in Maine, you are making a positive impact.

We also know that workplaces of all sizes benefit from building strong communities. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with you as we collectively steward a culture of social responsibility. Employees recognize an organizations’ commitment to causes that make their communities stronger and stay with organizations that provide choices in how they might help make Maine a great place to live and work.

MaineShare would be honored and excited to be part of your campaign.

We look forward to providing you with the printed, online, and in-person support that you need to ensure your campaign is a success.

Reach out to us at or at 207-622-0105 if you would like to start a campaign of your own.

We are ready to participate with you and support your Employee Giving Campaign!


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